Monday, March 11, 2013

Please come back Angel :'(

Hi Luv,

I am too lonely without you. Please come back. I am sorry for whatever mistake happened on my part, but please consider my situation too. It was all God's plan, so that he could bring me to the same frame as you. It's a fact now that I cannot even think of anyone else in my life—it's you and only you.

God made me go through each and every emotion and experience that you went through, for those six years. You cried for me, he made me cry too... you were ready to leave everything for me, he brought me into the exact same situation. I know I have no direct communication with you now, but I believe there's still no walls between our hearts. They still beat for each other.

Please love, come back into my life.
Please Angel, your Ghadu won't be able to survive without you :'(


  1. Why to bring this situation when u love her this much? True love is care!

    1. It is not always in our control to moderate situations before they attack you, especially when they are created by someone else and are based on lies. But I believe it is in our power to figure out the real reason and honor our love. And yes, true love is care and belief & faith on each other!