Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This booty won't rest on just any ordinary toilet!

Yes, I'm talking about Jennifer Lopez's million dollar bum. And before you start drawing out inferences, let me tell you that the keyword here is hygiene, and not dimension. Apparently, J.Lo is a hygiene freak and simply refuses to put her bum on any toilet unless it is fitted with her own custom-made seat. Wow, that's some unusual but legitimate star tantrum!

 ShowbizSpy reports,
“Jennifer is a clean-freak and doesn’t like putting her bum on any toilet unless it’s on her own custom-made seat,” a source said.
“It’s a cover made to fit any loo.”
There we go, with a brand new fable FACT attached to J.Lo's million dollar booty. I'm totally loving this new development! What about you?

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